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Advanced TCCC-SOP DEVELOPMENT is a 2x day class conducted at military duty station or LEO/LEA training center. Course is designed to give your medics current reality based training IOT develope unit SOPs

Day 1*

Morning- PowerPoint

     -Introduction to Lethal Traid and how it relates to TCCC and the MARCH sequence.

     -Introduduction to the phases of TCCC.

     -Care Under Fire.

     -Tactical Field Care and the MARCH sequence.

This portion of the PowerPoint presentation will be followed up with a hands-on introduction/review of current products related to Combat Casualty Care, including discussion on CAT and SOF-T Tourniquets. The proper use of Chitogauze vs. Combat Gauze vs. Kerlix. Current needle decompression sites and proper equipment usage. Class can be tailored to fit equipment or gear issued and carried.

Afternoon- MARCH skills round robin

     -Stopping massive hemorrhage using tourniquets, pressure dressings, and hemostatic agents.

     -Nasopharyngeal Airway; Introduction to emergency cricothyroidotomy.

     -Needle Decompression; Finger thoracotomy.

     -IV and IO

Day 2*

Morning- PowerPoint

     -Pain management and trauma.

     -Antibiotics and wound care.

     -Casualty Collection Point operations and prepping patients for evacuation.

This portion of the PowerPoint presentation will be followed up with discussions on personal experiences from the group and instructors and lessons learned in combat.

Afternoon- Care Under Fire Scenarios

     Care Under Fire Scenarios can be tailored to work with the equipment and gear available for use during training.



MILITARY TRAINING request must be submitted in memo format

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