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KMFJ-DA-LVL2 (MULTICAM) with KMFJ BA 90VU9, Belt Adapter

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KMFJ-DA-LVL2 (MULTICAM) with KMFJ BA, Belt Adapter


KMFJ-DA-LVL2 is covered by MC MATBOCK skins for protection and concealment.

KMFJ-DA-LVL2 uses a Blade-Tech thumb break.

We scratched everything and started over from the beginning.

Using the best materials and manufacturing processes available.

Direct input from SOF personnel with years of current Operational Experience.

Durable yet low footprint design. 

Brown/Dark Brown color Hex in order to blend into multiple environments.

Crye Precision MultiCam for Daytime use as well as Low IR Signature during Night Operations.

Constructed of Glass Filled Nylon. Thus creating a holster resistant to Extreme High/Low Temperature Variations in excess of 120degrees in direct sunlight without deforming. As well as below freezing temperatures without becoming brittle and cracking.

Integrated Platform, Belt, Adapter. For use with the new generation of low pro battle belts. 

A holster built for Mobility Ops and designed to work in conjunction with modern operator Body Armor, Low Pro Battle Belt, Load-out. Angled to clear Plate Carrier on the draw. 

Holster can be adjusted for retention by the end user. It comes set as positive secure retention. 


-Low IR signature

-Crye Precision official (MultiCam) Laminate     

-Dark Brown, Color    

-Glock 19,23/17,22/34,35  with (Surefire x300 ultra A)  or for Gen3 without

For optimal use Surefire x300 ultra A is needed

-Level 2 Retention for duty use

-Removable Leg strap 

-Adjustable retention customized by shooter


- Manufactured in the USA

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